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Tiffin Pickup Location


21760 Beaumeade Circle, Unit 120
Ashburn, VA 20147


4121 Meadow Hill Lane
Fairfax, VA 22033
(Pick-Up Only; 7 PM - 8 PM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Tiffin is an English slang term for any light meal. It originated in British India and is today found primarily in Indian English. The word originated when Indian custom superseded the British practice of afternoon tea, leading to a new word for the afternoon meal. It is derived from the obsolete English slang tiffing, for “taking a little drink or sip”.

In parts of India, such as Mumbai, the word mostly refers to a packed lunch of some sort, in particular to light lunches prepared for working Indian men by their wives after they have left for work, or for schoolchildren by their parents. In Mumbai, it is often forwarded to them by dabbawalas, sometimes known as tiffin wallahs, who use a complex system to get thousands of tiffin-boxes to their destinations.

We currently do not deliver tiffin. We do plan for tiffin delivery in the future within Washington DC Metropolitan Area. 

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You can pay via Cash or Check during pickup. We add $2.00 processing fees to all credit card charges.

6% Tax is added to all orders at the time of pick-up.

Yes, Rupa Vira Catering Services started as a catering company. We can cater food for 10 – 10K+ people.

Our catering service is very well known in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.